The Job Of A Chimney Sweep

Chimneys have been in existence for a long time. History dates back their presence to as old as the thirteenth century AD when they were first seen in houses in England. During that time houses were made of wood and having a fireplace was the only way to block out the cold winds during the winter months. During that era chimneys used to have broader openings. But after a disastrous fire in London the architecture of chimneys underwent a drastic change. The openings were narrowed done and the lengths were increased. However, this didnt lower the need for cleaning chimneys.

Even in todays world where manual labor is overtaken by technology in all aspect of life, the demand for experienced chimney sweeps is ever rising. The reason for this high demand is the high risk of fire hazard that is associated with a clogged fire place. The harmful chemicals which are released during the burning of the logs can cause the whole house to burn down if not cleaned properly at regular intervals. The job of an experienced chimney sweep is to clean your chimney regularly at least once a year, advice the customer about the latest inventions which can add on to the safety measures and also to investigate the rest of the fireplace mechanism for any defects. Additionally, some experts also provide guidance on the best fuel to be used for ensuring that the logs are properly burnt and generation of chemicals like creosote is reduced.

The best way to search for an experienced chimney sweep at an affordable rate is to search online. Many sites contain data about such professionals and the best part is you can compare the rates of everyone before finally settling down for the one best suitable for the job. Moreover, online sites also provide basic knowledge on chimney cleaning processes so that even you can clean your chimney efficiently.

The main area of difference between old days chimney sweeps and modern day sweeps is that apart from offering cleaning services, nowadays professionals can be consulted to understand the best chimney to install. This is because every house is different and accordingly the needs of every fireplace also differs. So deciding on the best chimney can also turn out to be a very hectic job. However, professionals already possess this knowledge and thus can effectively help you to settle on the best chimney and add on installations to safeguard your house from any fire related hazards.