Why Custom Made Shutters Are The Best Investment

If you are considering improvements to your home then installing custom shutters is a great option.

There are several reasons why the can be considered a long term investment :-


During all seasons shutters provide protection from the elements.In the summer they will protect your house and rooms from the suns heat and glare.

In the winter they will help to insulate your rooms from the cold weather by adding an extra layer of warmth.Louvre’s can be adjusted to regulate air flow further assisting in controlling indoor temperature.

It has been found that shutters can improve heating loss by up to 47 %.
This reduces the need for air conditioning in many homes.This ultimately reduces power usage resulting in a saving in bills.

Beautifying your home

Plantation shutters in particular can add elegance and value to your home .They can enhance any space, changing the entire feel of a room.

An example of this is ,that by installing over sized shutters that overlap above and below a window an illusion will be created a larger opening than actually exists.

Installing shutters can change the personality of a room .They can be a welcome addition to a bedroom giving a cozy feel or consider installing shutters which will provide contrast making a smaller room seem larger.

Many versatile uses
Many people view shutter installations as a way to protect windows. Plantation shutters can be opened or closed completely.They can be used as window or door coverings, room dividers or as an attractive way to enclose patios.

Controlling Light and privacy

Shutters with louvers give homeowners the ability to control the amount of light in their rooms . They are particularly popular in kitchens where often keen cooks need to adjust light to working conditions.

Adjustable louvers also allow the home owner to control privacy to both a room or patio.
Exterior Shutters
These shutters can architecturally change the whole look and feel of your house.

Reasons to consider having your shutters custom made

If you have odd shaped or irregular sized windows then you will need to get expert advice and have the shutters built to size .It is important to install shutters that work well and look good, enhancing the rooms overall feel.

This will in turn help increase your property value.

Different rooms require different styles.It is not necessary to install a shutter style that covers all of your windows . Again consulting an expert and having the length custom styled ,will ensure that the best features of your home are displayed.

As previously mentioned shutters attached to the outside of a home can change the whole look and feel of your home.

They can create an instant impression of functionality and neatness. It is important however that these shutters are custom made to suit the style of your home.

They must fit correctly ,match the shape of the window and appear functional .Some real-tors have indicated that correctly fitted exterior shutters improve curb value so much that these houses sell up to 30 % faster on the market!

Therefore if you are looking at ways to improve the value of your home consider getting expert advice on how shutters can do just that!