5 Ideas On Bathroom Remodeling On A Budget

Remodeling a bathroom can be quite expensive especially if youre going to hire a contractor. But there are inevitable reasons to remodel a bathroom. Remodeling seems impossible especially if youre on a tight budget, but its actually not. Here are some ideas on how to successfully remodel a bathroom at a low cost.

1. Consider DIY remodeling.

Hiring contractors or professionals is expensive. DIY remodeling may be an option for homeowners who are equipped with enough knowledge, skills, and time. There are tons of guides and instructions online that can help even a clueless person on where and how to start.

2. Limit the use of tiles

Tiles are expensive, so covering a whole bathroom with tiles will cost a lot. An average tile installation for a single bathroom can cost up to $3,000. The price may still vary depending on the size of the bathroom and the kind of tiles that will be used. A way to save on tile expense is to apply tiles on areas that are high-impact, such as the floor. Mixing expensive tiles with cheap ones will not only be less costly, but it will also add more artistic value to the bathroom. Another tip is to consider using alternative materials like wood panels for walls or bare concrete for floors.

3. Give the toilet a fresh new look for less

Replace a toilets lid and seat instead of replacing the whole fixture. This will give any toilet a fresh new look. Replacing toilets can cost from $120 up to $800, while toilet seats and covers may not cost more than $50. This is best done on low-flush toilets that are just worn-out. If a toilet is an old model, its better to replace it with a high-efficiency one to save on water bills.

4. Look for bargains online

Its no surprise that people buy more than what they usually need. Its also the same with materials like tiles. Some people offer their leftover materials online for an incredibly low price. Also, look for used bathroom fixtures like sinks, mirrors, doors, and bath tubs to save on budget that can be used for more important items. You can also look into tub resurfacing if you have an old clawfoot or porcelain bathtub.

5. Repaint

Repainting might be the cheapest and most effective approach to give any bathroom a fresh look. Changing the walls from plain and boring white to cerulean blue will immediately enhance the overall vibe of the bathroom. But be warned: This method needs patience and time since you need to slowly paint around fixtures and other installations. Keep in mind to use paint thats high quality to avoid mold and mildew growth.